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Yasmany Tomas struck out on a ball that hit him in the beans

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This is not really how you baseball.

It’s hard to hit a baseball, what with most of them traveling at a great velocity, and some of them curving, sliding, and knuckling when you least expect it. It’s surprising this doesn’t happen more often, really.

This doesn’t happen often, though.

The hip, you say?

Look, I don’t want to gin up a story just because it fits my brand, but I’ve watched this several times, and it sure looks like that hit Yasmany Tomas in the beans.

It could have been the thigh. I choose to believe it was in the beans.

We at SB Nation have come up with the BEANS Score™ to rank these occurrences, but it feels a little hollow without confirmation that it wasn’t the hip or thigh. The pain was immediate enough to make Tomas drop the bat on his own back, which is what you would expect from a direct shot.

So I’ll go with a provisional 7 on the BEANS Score™ until we know for certain.

If it did get him where the gettin’ was bad, though, how did Tomas stay in the game? There’s a lot that isn’t adding up, and we can’t be sure this headline is entirely accurate.

We can all agree that Tomas swung at a ball that hit him exceptionally close to the beans, though. That’s entertaining enough to post and let the public decide. Because, really, you might not see a more regrettable swing all year.