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LeBron James has beef with the brewery whose bottle he held in Game 1

The beer company tried to use The King’s image to promote a drink special.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Indiana Pacers - Game Four Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

LeBron James does not want you to use his image or likeness without consulting his legal team first. Especially not if you’re Great Lakes Brewing Company.

James picked up a bottle of the brand’s Dortmunder Gold beer during the Cavaliers’ Game 1 playoff semifinals victory over the Raptors on Monday. He stopped just short of taking a sip, later conceding he’s more of a red wine person than a beer connoisseur.

But the next day, Great Lakes Brewing Co. used the incident to its advantage, tweeting a cardboard cutout photo of James with the beer in-hand as part of a promo for $1 and $2 drinks. They later deleted the tweet, but James’ team is considering legal action, according to’s Joe Vardon.

Turns out, Great Lakes Brewing Co. is the same company that named the “Quitness” beer after James when he left Cleveland for the Miami Heat in 2010. They detailed the brew as “a dry hopped India pale ale that leaves a bitter aftertaste, perfectly describing the mood of Cleveland sports fans these days."

James said he had bigger things to worry about, like contending for a championship, according to Vardon.

"This is about the last thing I'm trying to worry about right now, my agent and my legal team will take care of it, but yeah I know (Great Lakes) is trying to benefit off of me," James told "And I heard they were the same company that made all those 'Quitness' beers, and now they're trying to benefit off me this way? Yeah, it's pretty funny."