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The Cavs new logos for 2017-18 are basically the same, but streamlined

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Cleveland wanted to “simplify and modernize” its brand. That’s exactly what the franchise did.

The Cleveland Cavaliers unveiled their new logo for the 2017-18 NBA season on Wednesday. It was a move done to “simplify and modernize the Cavs brand to reflect our team evolution and franchise growth.”

The timing of the logo expansion is a bit peculiar, coming just one day before Game 1 of the team’s NBA Finals matchup against the Golden State Warriors. The logo change also comes for the NBA’s inaugural brand partnership season.

Next season, the Cavaliers will sport Goodyear logos on the shoulder of their jerseys.

Primary Logo

Partial Logo

Secondary Logo

Global Logo


The Cavaliers introduced a new global logo featuring the sword emblem popping off of a black shield. That kind of crisp design hits the look Cleveland was angling for.

The Cavs wanted to modernize, and that’s exactly what they did with their 2017-18 logo suite. And if they keep making NBA Finals appearances, their new logos will be on full display all year long for the foreseeable future.