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The Mets sent security workers to check on Matt Harvey in his pajamas

Just another day in the life of the New York Mets, who are completely normal.

The Matt Harvey saga isn’t getting less weird. The Mets suspended the right-hander over the weekend for staying home from the ballpark without telling anyone, which led to a he-said/Mets-said squabble that could lead to Harvey filing a grievance through the Players Association. There were early suspicions that the suspension involved a sex toy. That was supposed to be as weird as it got.

It can get weirder. According to Jon Heyman, the Mets sent team personnel — described as “security people” — to Harvey’s residence to check on him. His stated reason for missing Saturday night’s game was a migraine headache, and the Mets weren’t necessarily convinced, so they sent representatives to knock on his door.

They found Harvey at home in his pajamas.

Harvey is said to have answered his own door in his pajamas, and word from people who’ve spoken to him is that the Mets emissaries weren’t doctors or caretakers but rather people who quizzed him about what was going on with him. The implication he apparently got: the team was checking to see if he was really at home, and really ill. (He definitely was at home; on that score everyone agrees.)

While it’s impossible to know all of the details, of course, the idea of an employer checking up on a sick employee seems just a little sketchy and untoward. If this wasn’t Harvey’s first case of the brain sniffles, it would make a little sense, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good look to have a story like this come out.

The headline is “The Mets sent security workers to check on Matt Harvey in his pajamas.” Please join me with the only possible reaction to that headline, which is this: Huh.