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Why did Google think the Jaguars' official site is satire?

The Jaguars may be trying to tell us something.

For a while, Google news search results had labeled the Jacksonville Jaguars' official site as "satire."

The team is a decade removed from its last winning season, so it feels accurate to call the franchise a joke. But what’s worse is that the mistake was probably the fault of and not Google.

How did it happen? The best guess is that someone at accidentally applied the satire tag when setting up the site in the Google News Publisher Center. That has meant that for about a year, all links to have been listed as comedy:

The error was fixed shortly after this article was published.

But I like to imagine that the Jaguars were secretly telling us that the team has been satirical performance art all along.

Blake Bortles threw interceptions that bounced off his receivers’ feet in consecutive weeks during the 2016 season.

Earlier in the season, he also made the comical mistake of running well past the line of scrimmage before throwing a pass. Then he made the SAME EXACT MISTAKE.

All of this would make much more sense if Bortles was secretly playing the role of slapstick quarterback to provide us with football bloopers.

We’re on to you, Jaguars.