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A running list of everything NFL conspiracy theorist William Hayes does and does not believe in

Aliens? Yes. Dinosaurs? No. Mermaids? Maybe!

Miami Dolphins defensive end William Hayes is one of the more interesting players in the NFL, and it’s not because he was traded for a stapler and a coffee machine. It’s because of his beliefs, like that dinosaurs never existed.

What he does and does not find to be true are typically the meat of questions he receives from the media. It was the main topic of conversation between him and reporters during Dolphins OTAs, where he let us in his mind even more.

Because he receives so many questions that reveal things he believes (or doesn’t) we’re keeping track of those things.

Dinosaurs never existed

On Thursday afternoon, Hayes said, “I don’t believe a T-rex ever walked this Earth.” It was the same tone he delivered in 2015.

When he was asked how he would explain his theory on dinosaurs, he told reporters, “I just think we just put those things there just so we can have some shit to talk about, you know what I mean?”

Hayes claims he did do a lot of research on dinosaurs in the past, but as he grew older it became ridiculous to him. “It made me definitely not believe in it.”

Jimmy Kimmel tried to prove dinosaurs were real to Hayes, but it didn’t quite pan out.

“Jimmy Kimmel done took me to a dinosaur museum, had other people take me to dinosaur museums and every time I went there it just made me just realize how ridiculous theories seem even more.”

At least he (and others) made an effort to prove their existence.

He refuses to rule out the existence of mermaids

In December of 2015, his then-Rams teammate Chris Long told ESPN, “He does not believe that dinosaurs ever existed and he thinks that mermaids are real. I love dinosaurs, so we have a big point of contention.”

When Hayes was still with the Rams, a mermaid showed up to the team’s practice.

On Thursday, he gave a little clarification.

“I’m not saying there’s necessarily a mermaid out there, I’m just saying there possibly could be. It’s a lot we haven’t discovered yet. We find different life form in the water every day.”

He also told Jimmy Kimmel that he would have sex with a mermaid, but that’s another story.

Man never walked on the moon

A new revelation on Thursday was that Hayes doesn’t think the United States ever landed on the moon. “I just don’t think man went to the moon. I don’t think we’ve been back there after we went have we?”

He was shocked that we had gone up to the moon on multiple occasions. It led him to ask, “And we just went up there and chilled? I don’t know about all that.”

Hayes just isn’t buying it. He felt the same about the moon landing as he did about dinosaurs: it’s just something to talk about. He’s also confident he can convince his head coach of the same.

“If [Adam] Gase just hear me out one time he’ll probably feel where I’m coming from.”

Hayes didn’t clarify if he thinks Neil Armstrong’s “one small step for man” was filmed on a soundstage. Either way, he doesn’t think it happened.

There are aliens and other life forms out there

Even though Hayes is a skeptic, he also is optimistic, like thinking there are other life forms out in the universe.

“I’m just thinking they could possibly be somewhere else. I mean, some other type of life form,” he said. “I’m not saying a human or a legit alien with two little things coming out his head. I’m just thinking like there could be another life form.”

A reporter asked him about the colonization of Mars and if he’d like to visit. Of course, Hayes was all for it.

“That sounds pretty dope man, I wouldn’t mind taking a trip to Mars and see how it looks up there.”

Listening to Hayes discuss what he thinks about certain things in the world is fun to listen to. Hopefully we’re fortunate enough that he keeps sharing what he believes in with us.