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‘Will You Be My Friend,’ featuring Marquette King dressed up as a dinosaur

Can a stranger find friendship in the NFL’s most electrifying punter?

Friends, fun, and football. If you manage to pack all of those into one afternoon, you’re doing pretty well for yourself. If you happen to include Marquette King in that mix, then you’re cooking with gasoline. I spent the afternoon with the Raiders punter out in sunny California in hopes of convincing him I’m worth being a member of his kick squad, and I doubt either of us will forget it any time soon.

I pulled out all the stops — helped him win at the roulette table, brought inflatable costumes, I even sang to the man. What else must I do to get some of that good, good friendship?

Marquette is known for his personality as much as his leg, combining the two to become a social media powerhouse. Whether it’s dressing up as the Green Ranger, punting a birthday cake, or tickling the keys of a piano, he hasn’t shied away from the spotlight. Does that mean he also won’t shy away from my friendship? Watch the episode to find out!