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Stephen Curry sports his latest shoes during Game 1 of the NBA Finals ... and they're not bad

Under Armour and Steph finally teamed up to make something decent.

Steph Curry debuted his newest shoes during Game 1 warmups. He stopped to tie his laces courtside so everyone could get a full glimpse.

The consensus on Twitter seemed to be that these are the best Curry shoe to date.

Of course, there are always some haters, but by and large, these do look better than some of the shoes he’s had in the past. (Should we even go there?)

Even though the shoes look fine, we still have to make some jokes because hello, these ARE Currys.

One of my other colleagues was quick to point out Stormtrooper shoes actually have black soles. I guess Steph won’t be shooting blasters at Jedi any time soon.

OK, here the similarities are obvious. Steph could go from the hardwood to the ring without stopping for a shoe change and no one would be the wiser.

I personally thought from the back the shoes look like a tall sock with laces on them.

But hey, a sock is better than whatever the heck these were.