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Kevin Durant sold his new shoe during Game 1 and they sold out before halftime

Kevin Durant’s “Still KD” shoe sold out during Game 1

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Kevin Durant’s “Still KD” model of his KDX shoe was available in limited quantities and only sold during periods when Kevin Durant was on the floor. But even that couldn’t stop the shoe from selling out.

By 10:06 p.m. on the East Coast, Durant’s shoe was sold out. That was in the middle of the second quarter.

Durant didn’t check out of the game in the entire first quarter, so outside of stoppages of play, fans did have a chance to purchase the shoe.

But they didn’t last very long after. Durant checked in with about seven minutes left to play in the second quarter. That was at 9:54 on the East Coast.

So despite having a weird strategy, it seems Nike’s marketing ploy for Durant worked. Sure, some desperate fan missed out on the initial release. But don’t worry. All hope isn’t lost. You can still cop these via or the SNKRS app when they fully drop online tomorrow for $150.