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Steph Curry and Kevin Durant couldn't believe a reporter asked about Steph's squatting

They were all, *stale face emoji*

The Warriors played a Cavaliers team on Friday night that just wasn’t going to lose. It was a hard night for the Warriors, who were hoping to complete the first 16-0 NBA postseason in history.

So when Stephen Curry got a question about his Game 3 squat after the game-clinching Kevin Durant three-pointer, he understandably wasn’t happy about it.

The reporter asked, “Steph, I’m sorry we keep asking you about squatting, but while Draymond and Steve were arguing with the ref and one of them got the technical, it looked like you squatted down. And were you just stretching there, and what did Richard Jefferson say to you?”

Curry and Kevin Durant couldn’t believe that was a question. “Are you serious right now?” Curry said with disbelief in his eyes.

Nearly interrupting, Durant added, “You got to be better,” aiming criticism at the reporter.

Curry finished by saying that he had no answer for the question, and that it was the craziest thing he had ever heard. He also said he doesn’t remember the particular situation.

The exchange ended with Durant telling the reporter, “You got to be better, man. I like you, but you got to be better.”

It’s fair to say that we were all curious about Curry’s squat. It was new for many, and led some to believe he was mimicking taking a dump on the floor in Game 3.

But that’s probably on the list of questions you don’t want to ask after a game like the Warriors just had.