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Predators fans say NBC offered them free hats to remove anti-Mike Milbury signs

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A hat wasn’t enough to stop these fans.

If you’re with NBC Sports and you see Predators fans walking around Bridgestone Arena with signs mocking analyst Mike Milbury, what do you do? Try to offer them free hats in order to make the signs go away, apparently.

According to multiple fans in Nashville for Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final, NBC has offered free hats in exchange for the anti-Milbury signs, which result from his repeated criticisms directed toward Predators star P.K. Subban over the past several weeks.

It seems the offers did not work:

The signs both reference Milbury’s comments during Game 5 that Subban “had it coming” when Sidney Crosby pushed his head into the ice repeatedly during a scuffle. The controversial comment came weeks after Milbury called Subban a “clown” during a pregame show because the defenseman was filmed dancing on the ice during warmups.

Milbury is very outspoken in his job as an analyst, which can be both entertaining and a source of eye-rolling. But you’d think that Milbury and NBC would recognize the territory that comes with that stuff. If an analyst is going to say controversial things about a superstar, some fans probably aren’t going to take kindly to it. They might even bring signs that express that sentiment.

Nobody forced the signs to go away, so it’s not like anybody was being threatened here or had their fun ruined. But if you’re going to try to quiet critics responding to your hot takes, at least offer more than a free hat.