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Eddie Lacy and Dontari Poe earned more money this week for weighing less

Both players are bringing home hefty bonuses for hitting their target weights.

Eddie Lacy and Dontari Poe earned some extra cash this week. All they had to do is hit their weight goals.

Lacy had his second weigh-in with the Seattle Seahawks Monday, and Dontari Poe had his first with the Atlanta Falcons on Tuesday.

Lacy came in at 253 pounds at his first weigh-in for the Seahawks, beating the target at the beginning of the Seahawks’ offseason workouts by two whole pounds. That activated a $55,000 bonus for Lacy.

For his second, the Seahawks wanted Lacy to show up under 250 pounds. He did, according to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler.

Apparently the P90X Lacy has been doing to keep himself on track paid off.

Lacy had a way to go to hit that first target — he reportedly weighed 267 pounds during a free agent visit with one team this offseason. But the Seahawks have a plan in place.

"We have a real target for him," head coach Pete Carroll said. "We’ll be on it on a regular basis and we’ll keep him in great shape."

Poe’s weight is listed at 346, and for his first weigh-in, the Falcons wanted him to be at or below 340 pounds. His target playing weight for this season is 330 pounds, but he doesn’t have to hit that mark until July.

But he’s off to a good start, and did make weight on Tuesday.

Poe signed a one-year, $8 million contract with the Falcons that carries $500,000 in weight incentives. There are four weigh-ins, each valued at $125,000.

It shouldn’t be an issue for Poe, who was already at 340 pounds when he signed with the Falcons in April, according to ESPN’s Vaughn McClure.

Dan Quinn said the Falcons want Poe to be able to get pressure on opposing quarterbacks up the middle.

“He's got a plan on how to get lighter because we're going to play him at a little different style,” Quinn said, via McClure. “So he's already on that path.”

The Falcons hired a new team nutritionist this offseason, which should also help Poe on his weight loss journey.

Losing weight isn’t easy, but money is a powerful motivator, especially in chunks of $55,000 or $125,000. And it seems like Lacy and Poe are both in good shape to hit those weight targets this week.