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Cold brew coffee and coconut La Croix is the drink of the summer

Don’t knock it ‘til you try it.

Dayana Sarkisova

SB Nation headquarters hosted our annual NFL meetings last week — an event during which the greatest football minds of the era gathered in a room to brainstorm the upcoming NFL season. However, our biggest “Eureka!” moment had nothing to do with football.

Steven Godfrey — The Most Interesting Man of SB Nation — introduced us to the magical combination that is cold brew coffee mixed with coconut La Croix.

Let’s pause a moment. This is unbearably precious: A group of young-ish people (millennials AND Gen Y, for the record) at a digital media start-up writing an off-the-cuff trend piece about a beverage made from two drinks that have already gotten their own precious trend pieces. And then, just to differentiate from nitro cold brew and kick the internet’s shins a little, we are recommending using coconut La Croix, which even hardcore La Croix enthusiasts dismiss as tasting like sunscreen.

You are likely experiencing one of two reactions right now: intrigue, or disgust. SB Nation was split between the two, but one by one, people have been converted to believers.

The recipe is simple: Glass, ice, 50 percent cold brew, 50 percent cold, coconut-flavored La Croix. The addition of coconut essence both complements and dilutes the strong flavor of black coffee, without being over-tropical in taste.

The ratio can very much be adjusted to personal preference, as well. SB Nation’s Spencer Hall took creative liberty with a nod toward the traditional recipe:

You’re skeptical. You deserve to be skeptical. You’ve been burned by internet A-holes telling you what to consume too often. But we promise: We’re not trying to start a big argument by recommending the drink equivalent of, like, Hawaiian pizza with sardines.

Cold brew & coconut La Croix is a bright, refreshing twist on your summertime caffeine fix, as well as the first known recommendation to drink coconut La Croix. We’d say “trust us!” — but that’s what the New York Times said about putting peas in your guacamole. So maybe just give it a try? We think it’s good, and we want you to enjoy it, too.