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Warriors celebrated their NBA Finals win with plenty of champagne

Kevin Durant and company enjoyed the bubbly.

The Warriors are NBA champions, and that means the consumption of alcohol inside the arena is at a season high. They finally got their revenge against the Cavaliers after blowing a 3-1 lead last season, and they enjoyed the moment.

David West got drunk early and fast. It’s hard to blame him, considering he’s been chasing that championship for a couple of seasons now after turning down millions of dollars to stay with the Pacers.

Kevin Durant was on NBA TV, and couldn’t stop coughing because “too much champagne.”

JaVale McGee also got lit in the celebration. On his Snapchat, McGee said, “I don’t drink but I got champagne in my pores right now. I might be drunk I don't know.”

So besides his sphynx, the most interesting thing about McGee is that he can drink via osmosis. That’s pretty neat.

Drink up, Warriors.