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Antonio Brown Snapchats with Roger Goodell and it's too awkward for us to stand

We’re glad the NFL is relaxing the rules for celebrations, but please don’t make us watch uncomfortable exchanges with Goodell about it.

No one in the NFL celebrates on the field quite like Antonio Brown. So it’s no wonder that he’s excited about the league relaxing its penalties for celebrations.

Brown had NFL commissioner Roger Goodell join him on Snapchat to celebrate the new rules. Brown shared the video via Twitter, too, and it was uncomfortable as hell.

“I’m with the best commish in the game,” Brown says. “And we’re allowed to celebrate now.”

Goodell isn’t exactly universally loved, but to be fair, he is the best commissioner in the NFL by virtue of being the only commissioner in this particular league.

Goodell just stands stiffly behind Brown the whole time and gives the thumbs up.

“Let’s do it,” he says.

The league’s decision to allow players to celebrate more is the right call, and it does open things up for Brown and others to have fun on the field. Hopefully Goodell reminded Brown, though, that twerking and pelvic thrusting are still going to be flagged.

But group celebrations, using the ball as a prop, and going to the ground to celebrate are all fair game now, and that’s great. We just don’t need Roger Goodell being awkward about it on Antonio Brown’s Snapchat story.