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Rihanna was the best part of Game 1 of the NBA Finals

It wasn’t even close y’all.

Rihanna was the highlight of Game 1 of the NBA Finals, and it really wasn’t all that close. At least, if you’re a fan of the Cavaliers.

First, her night started as she walked by Jeff Van Gundy who completely forgot about the game we’ve all been waiting months for. He was SHOOK.

Then, Rihanna was bowing to LeBron James, which is cool. But some Warriors fans weren’t happy with it, inspiring her to dab on the fans for telling her to sit down. It was an appropriate response.

Those old dudes don’t know what they just got hit with. What is this malarkey!?!?!

The game never got better of course, as the Cavaliers lost 113-91. But Rihanna’s ballin’ ass night wasn’t over — it’s never over until she says it’s over.

That starts with the NBA’s commissioner, Adam Silver, being head of security for her. I knew I liked him as a commissioner, and now he’s earned more points.

Once she got inside, it really got lit.

In passing the Cavaliers’ locker room, she said, “It doesn't matter, b****. The King is still the King.” a clear sign of confidence that the Cavaliers will rebound from the brutal loss. It’s also a ringing endorsement for LeBron.

Rihanna was really putting on for the Cavaliers. Sure, they didn’t win, but she was a great fan even under the worst of circumstances. Ok well — things could be worse.

After the game, Kevin Durant was asked if he stared down Rihanna after making a basket. He claimed he didn’t. Well, actually Stephen Curry didn’t let him speak.

But it sure looks like he did exactly that.

Rihanna, forever.