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Ohio brought a penguin to the NCAA baseball tournament

Behold the awesome power of RALLY PENGUIN.

The 2017 NCAA college baseball tournament kicked off Friday, commencing the regional round at 16 sites across the country. The Kentucky Wildcats are hosting their first-round tilt in Lexington, and they have the early game against the Ohio Bobcats. Bobcats vs. Wildcats is what we’re dealing with here.

Kentucky carried a commanding 4-0 lead over Ohio into the top of the sixth inning, with starting ace, Sean Hjelle, dominating the Bobcats lineup from the get-go. Ohio needs to win if it wants to avoid the losers bracket in the Lexington regional, and so the Bobcats bench brought out a RALLY PENGUIN to help spur a comeback:

Nigel is a good penguin, what with him traveling to Lexington in early June to aid Ohio’s tournament run. Nigel is certainly feeling the heat here in the northern hemisphere, especially so since temperatures are reaching up into the mid-80s in Lexington on Friday.

Here then is our first instance of college baseball bench shenanigans in this year’s tournament and a kindred spirit to Wright State’s mounted deer head during 2016’s CWS. Never change, college baseball bench antics.