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Ray Rice is now an assistant coach at his former high school

Rice had previously been rumored to take a job at another school. This time, it’s real.

Ray Rice is back in football, this time as an assistant coach at his old high school in New York. After volunteering around the school in the past few years, Rice is now an official member of the staff.

According to The Journal News, Rice started on Thursday when the team began spring workouts. He will serve as the team’s running backs coach and help out with defensive backs.

Even though Rice has an official capacity within the school now, it’s not new to head coach Lou DiRienzo. “Nothing has really changed,” he said. “Somebody just put it on Twitter.

“Ray has been around with us and mentoring kids and taking kids under his wing for us,” he added. “Now that he has more time, he’s taking more of an active role.”

Rice was arrested in 2014 for assaulting his then-girlfriend and current wife, Janay Rice. He was suspended two games by the NFL after video surfaced of the incident. He was later released by the Ravens and received an indefinite suspension by the NFL.

It was rumored he accepted a position at Don Bosco Prep in New Jersey in April, which Rice quickly denied. He has prior coaching experience outside of his volunteer work at New Rochelle — he coached during the NFL Players Association’s Collegiate Bowl last January.

Rice will be working with the team whenever he has holes in his schedule, which is typically packed with speaking engagements nowadays.