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Marshawn Lynch is giving free haircuts to kids in Oakland with good grades

A fresh cut is enough incentive for good grades.

Marshawn Lynch has been all about Oakland since coming out of retirement to play with the Raiders. Part of that has been community involvement, which is why Lynch is rewarding kids with good grades.

Lynch’s Beast Mode apparel store has a sign outside the window advertising free haircuts to kids who come in with good grades on Wednesdays.

If there’s two things that’ll make you feel good as a youngster, it’s good grades, and a fresh cut. Good grades keep you in good standing with your parents, and everyone likes the feeling of looking good. The incentive for good grades is worth the cut.

As SB Nation’s resident high-top wearer, I’d know a thing or two about feeling good after a fresh cut. There’s nothing worse than going an extended time without one, and looking like a dusty mess, but I digress.

Lynch said that he had the entire city with him at his opening press conference, so it makes sense that he’d want everybody looking clean:

“I got the whole town riding with me. So that's good what they've got going on. All that good shit you just said. But I got a whole new Oakland behind me. The way we feel just about where we're from and why we represent where we're from so hard is because we know what the struggle is and how we get down.”

Aside from his legendary press conference, he was also in a Train music video this offseason.

Marshawn is all about Oakland, y’all.