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The Orioles invited Luke Terry, a 14-year-old catcher with one arm, for a very cool first pitch

A month after becoming an internet sensation, Terry was catching a first pitch from a Hall of Famer.

In 2017, the internet was tittering about 14-year-old Luke Terry because of this video:

And because only good things happen when the internet finds something, the Orioles invited Terry to Camden Yards to hang out with some players before the game and catch the first pitch from Hall of Famer Jim Palmer.

He also got to throw a few balls around the infield:

The idea came from Orioles bench coach John Russell, who saw Terry’s video floating around the internet and got him in. Kudos to Russell for the idea, and Kudos to Terry, who remains a complete and total badass.

Update: Apparently the internet rediscovered Terry this weekend, and there is a new video of his badassery. We would be remiss if we did not share it.

The best part is Terry reminding the runner at third that he’ll pick him off, just give him that chance, sucker, just give him that chance. It’s not like this video confirms anything we didn’t know. But if you’re in the mood to watch more personified determination, here you go. It’s always welcome.