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LaVar Ball guarantees Lonzo will take the Lakers to the playoffs his first year

Lonzo had been in the league for about five minutes before his dad started making promises.

LaVar Ball was pumped up after his son, Lonzo, was finally drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers. He knew it was coming, since Zeus and Jesus apparently told him.

When he talked to ESPN’s Jeff Goodman after the selection, he was so pumped and he said that the Lakers were finally going to make the playoffs.

“Lonzo Ball is going to take the Lakers to the playoffs his first year,” LaVar said. “Come see me when he does. I’ll have another hat on that says ‘I told you so.’”

Lakers head coach Luke Walton pumped the brakes on LaVar’s prediction ever so slightly:

LaVar also claimed the Big Baller Brand hat that he was wearing in Lakers colors was made back when Lonzo was born. That’s 19 years ago, and he will be 20 on October 27, for those who want to get specific.

The most famous family in college basketball is finally at the professional level and hasn’t let us down so far.