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Meet LaVar Ball’s unknown brother, LaMar

Those triple B’s wouldn’t exist if not for LaMar

The 2017 NBA draft was one of the deepest drafts in recent years, but one prospect stood out in particular. UCLA point guard Lonzo Ball has gained a lot of attention for not only his stellar play on the court, but from his father, LaVar Ball, who loudly sings his sons praises (and his own). From insisting Lonzo is better than two-time MVP Steph Curry, to claiming he could beat the GOAT Michael Jordan one on one, to saying his kids will sign a billion-dollar shoe deal, LaVar Ball is our nation’s best source of wildly outlandish comments.

Where LaVar differs from other sports dads is his refusal to let up, especially in the public eye. Making numerous TV and radio stops, LaVar talks the talk while he leans on his three sons to back up his claims. Having so much faith in his boys, LaVar launched his own athletic company called Big Baller Brand, which sells a variety of products ranging from T-shirts, hats and even a signature shoe for Lonzo called the ZO2, which comes with a hefty $495 price tag. Having full confidence in your children to perform is one thing, but where does LaVar get so much confidence for a person who only averaged two points during his college years? The answer seems to lie somewhere with LaVar’s upbringing.

SB Nation had the opportunity to do an exclusive sit-down interview with LaVar’s unknown brother, LaMar Ball. In a three-part interview, LaMar breaks down his relationship with his brother LaVar, what took him so long to speak with the public, and how his influence on LaVar created Big Baller Brand. This is LaMar’s untold story.