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James Harden froze when Drake asked him who his favorite NBA MVP was

A little awkward moment at the NBA Awards

Before the MVP was announced during the NBA Awards, Drake interviewed one of the nominees, James Harden.

Following a joke about Harden’s trademark beard, Drake asked him who his favorite historic NBA MVP was. Harden didn’t have a response.

“There were so many ... um,” is all Harden had to say. Awkward. It’s possible he didn’t want to pick favorites, but it also seems like this was a question he should have had ahead of time, so he could prepare something to say.

Clearly, he didn’t know it beforehand, so now we just got this awkward silence. Drake tried to recover by asking another question and it was sort of OK, but now you can watch this really uncomfortable video in the meantime.

It’s the first NBA Awards ever, there’s bound to be some bumps in the road. Hopefully next year everyone will get a chance to prepare a little better.