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Taco Charlton finally has a taco-related endorsement deal from Taco Bueno

He also worked out a partnership with Big Red soda, which should pair nicely with tacos.

Taco Bell missed out on a huge opportunity. The Dallas Cowboys rookie with the best name on the team, Taco Charlton, is partnering up with Taco Bueno, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

“I’ve been trying them my whole life,” Charlton said, via Rapoport. “Taco Bueno tops everyone.”

And Taco Bueno isn’t the only local brand getting on board with Charlton. Austin, Texas-based Big Red soda is teaming up with Charlton, too.

Charlton’s partnership with Taco Bueno has been in the works for a while. On the day after Charlton was drafted by the Cowboys with the No. 28 pick, Taco Bueno’s CEO, Mike Roper, issued a statement welcoming the rookie to Texas.

“We are opening our arms and doors to Taco Charlton as he becomes part of the fabric of our hometown,” Roper said in a statement. “While we craft some of the biggest food in Texas, we don't claim to have any 277-lb tacos. Jerry Jones really outdid us on that one. On behalf of the entire Taco Bueno team and Buenoheads worldwide, welcome to Dallas, Taco Charlton.”

Charlton joins former Michigan teammate and Broncos tight Jake Butt and Chargers guard Forrest Lamp as the three NFL players with endorsements that make perfect sense. Butt is partnered with Charmin, and Lamp is working with Lamps Plus.

Taco Bueno is a chain restaurant with locations in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Colorado. It doesn’t have the national name recognition of a brand like Taco Bell, but maybe having Taco Charlton on board will change that.