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Sidney Crosby says P.K. Subban fabricated story about bad breath trash talk

So P.K. actually has good breath?

P.K. Subban may or may not have bad breath, but according to Sidney Crosby, he never mentioned it to the Nashville Predators defenseman. While Subban said following Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final that Crosby told him his breath smelled bad, a hilariously juvenile jab between NHL superstars, Crosby is now claiming the whole story is made up.

So if you thought this was rather odd before, now it’s really bizarre. Crosby making fun of Subban’s bad breath following a game would be unusual, but not outside the realm of trash talking between athletes. But Subban making up such a story immediately after a game? Now we’re getting somewhere funky.

We still have no idea who is going to win the Stanley Cup in a series that has defied expectation so far, but this might be the weirdest thing yet.

As for who is actually telling the truth, that one may be impossible to say. We don’t usually hear what athletes are saying to each other on the ice. If Subban made up the story, is he just trying to mess with the Pittsburgh Penguins (maybe not a great idea!) after successfully guaranteeing a win in Game 3? Was he just making a joking reference to when Pierre McGuire asked Phil Kessel about his bad breath earlier this year?

We have so many questions.