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LeBron James had zero patience for a reporter's dumb question after Game 2

LeBron was pleasantly snippy following the a big loss.

2017 NBA Finals - Game Two Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

After a 132-113 loss in Game 2 of the NBA Finals, the Cavs are looking at a 2-0 deficit heading back to Cleveland. For most teams, that means panic. For the team that came back down 3-1 against the winningest team in NBA history, it means little.

LeBron James didn’t interview from the podium postgame, instead opting for a media scrum in the locker room like he did in Game 1. It’s a bit of an uncomfortable situation for everyone, as the media all gathers around chasing a LeBron quote.

James was right at home though, taking off his shirt and answering questions with ease.

James stayed cool throughout, shutting down silly questions along the way.

Reporter: Do you feel it’s the case where you have to defend home court at this point?

LeBron: Well... are you a smart guy?

Reporter: I think so.

LeBron: You think so, right. So if we don’t defend home court then what happens?

Reporter: Well, yeah that’s what I’m saying.

LeBron: No, I’m asking you.

Reporter: Well then you guys will get swept

LeBron: Well that answers your question.

It was a bad question, after all.

James answered the next question asking about his need for IV fluids after the game with sarcasm, claiming he only needed some food and wine and he’d be alright.

Classic LeBron.

He declined to answer why he didn’t take the interview from the podium, only to elaborate that it had nothing to do with wins and losses. Reports claim the opposite though.

LeBron has been “frustrated having to wait to go to podium,” according to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst. The Warriors have several superstars who get to go first after the win.

His personality was all there with the media from locker room. It’s clear going down 2-0 doesn’t have him worried.