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Draymond Green fires back at reporter who asked how he’s ‘restrained’ himself

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Green was not here for the nonsense.

Draymond Green understandably became agitated with a reporter after being asked how he’s restrained himself during the NBA Finals. As the question was asked, Kevin Durant let out a laugh and said “Jeez.”

“You act like I'm just this troubled guy who played — you know had a bunch of trouble and can’t control myself,” Green fired back at the reporter.

“You waiting on him to go cross the line,” Durant said as the reporter continued to try to further as the question.

“I just been playing basketball brother,” Green said. “When you got great teammates like I do, who allow me to play with my emotions and allow me to be emotional when I’m talking to them, to use my emotions to the better of us, it’s easy.”

It was a silly question by the reporter. Green is one of the more vocal and emotional players in the NBA, but it’s a part of his game. He’s been counted out most of his basketball career, and has become one of the greatest defenders we’ve seen.

He’s fiery in his play, and in his emotions. There’s nothing wrong with it.

Draymond Green ain't here for it

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Green said that winning a championship isn’t going to win the Warriors a championship. He also referenced his suspension for Game 5 of last year’s NBA Finals.

“Going over the edge isn’t going to win me a championship,” he said. “I think I’m a pretty smart guy, and I learned my lesson. I went over the edge before. Fool me once, you can’t fool me twice.”

For a ridiculous question, Green handled it well.