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Dahntay Jones got away with throwing Steph Curry to the ground during Game 2

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, knowing Jones’ history.

Stephen Curry got yanked down to the floor with 3:18 left fourth quarter and the Warriors having the game in hand.

Curry was in the paint, trying to box out Dahntay Jones, when the veteran threw him to the ground. The referees missed it, and the throw went uncalled.

It’s not the first time the Cavaliers — who typically play Curry physically — have made sure Curry’s felt some contact.

On Christmas, Richard Jefferson gave Curry a bump as he was swinging around the baseline.

This is more about Dahntay Jones though. It’s not uncommon for Jones to be involved in dirty plays — having one of the better known histories of dirty play in the NBA.

In 2009, he tripped Kobe Bryant during the Western Conference Finals as a member of the Denver Nuggets. Four years later, he sprained Bryant’s ankle by undercutting him.

Last postseason, Jones hit Bismack Biyombo in the groin during garbage time during the Eastern Conference Finals. Jones was signed by the Cavs for the final game of the regular season last year, and is only really seen during garbage time. Typically if and when it’s time to get extra physical with the opposition. He’s there for the dirty work.

As far as his history with the Warriors, it started two seasons ago. Jones bumped Draymond Green while Green was doing a postgame interview, something he did obviously not appreciate.

If the Warriors continue to blow out the Cavaliers, this might not be the last we see of Jones this series.