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Steph Curry actually double-dribbled on the play where he beat LeBron James

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Well, well, well.

You could argue that Stephen Curry had the play of Game 2 when he put the LeBron James in the blender.

It looked like LeBron had him on the baseline, and Curry dribbled his way out like the magician that he is. He then finished off the play with a layup, unlike last year where LeBron gave Curry a stare down after a block.

But here’s the thing: the play shouldn’t have counted.

As this replay shows, Curry picked up the ball and should have been called for a double-dribble. It makes sense, because of how LeBron nearly leaves his feet to contest the shot.

It was actually a well defended play by LeBron, but because the call wasn’t made, it looked like Curry cooked him for an amazing bucket.

To be fair, the violation looks more egregious when paused like that to show it. But a double-dribble is a double-dribble.

It’s just another way in which LeBron didn’t help on Sunday night.