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Ultimate frisbee player goes full Odell Beckham Jr. for 37-yard catch

Someone call the Giants.

Ultimate frisbee as a sport lends itself to spectacular, long-range feats of human strength and spirit. A ranging, floating disc descending slowly to earth allows for humans to run beneath said disc to carry out incredible displays of athleticism.

The American Ultimate Disc League is just such a venue for frisbee bros to wild out on the field and perform excellent catches that defy logic and physics. Here’s Brent George of the Los Angeles Aviators, briefly loosing himself from the bounds of Earth’s gravity for a huge score against the San Jose Spiders on Sunday.

Though it seems that George lands short of the painted end zone, do note that ultimate frisbee end zones are 20 yards deep. There’s a pylon standing there at the 10 yard line to indicate the scoring area, in case you missed it.

Great job, Brent. You’ve successfully channeled your inner Odell Beckham Jr. for a beautiful snag.