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Dak Prescott already has a master’s degree, now he’s aiming for a doctorate

Dak Prescott wants to become Dr. Dak while he’s still in the NFL.

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Dak Prescott earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees during his time at Mississippi State, but the Dallas Cowboys quarterback isn’t done. In an interview with SB Nation Radio’s Talk of Fame Network, Prescott said he’s aiming to become Dr. Dak next.

"Getting my degrees has helped me immensely, just within the game of football and with people, just making me more educated in general," Prescott said. "It's something I continue to do. I'm actually continuing at some point either when I'm done [playing] or one offseason, I want to start working on my doctorate. So, I mean, it's very important to me."

Prescott, 23, earned a bachelor’s degree in educational psychology in December 2014 and finished his master’s degree in workforce leadership a year later, in December 2015. While he doesn’t have a plan yet for when he’d start his pursuit of a Ph.D., Prescott said it would be in psychology.

Many players finish their college degrees after reaching the NFL, but players who have pursued anything beyond an undergraduate degree are few and far between.

Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman John Urschel is currently is working on a Ph.D. in mathematics at MIT. In the late 1960s, Frank Ryan split time between being an assistant college professor and the quarterback of the Cleveland Browns after he earned a Ph.D.

Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young earned a law degree from BYU in 1994 and then won his third Super Bowl with the San Francisco 49ers a year later.

It’s safe to assume Prescott won’t be moonlighting as a professor like Ryan did if he ends up getting a Ph.D. before his NFL career is over. But Prescott could be on the path to join Ryan and Young as one of the most educated players in NFL history.