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Shareece Wright paid $632 for an Uber to go from Chicago to a voluntary Bills practice

Now that’s dedication.

Veteran cornerback Shareece Wright signed with the Bills in May, and he was set on making it to the team’s voluntary workouts during OTAs. The problem was that Wright was in Chicago, and the Bills are in Buffalo. So Wright called an Uber.

It was quite a trip, as you can see from Wright’s Uber receipt, which was obtained by SB Nation.

Wright also added a $300 tip, which seems fair considering the Uber driver had to trek all the way back to Chicago.

Wright was cut by the Ravens in March, after two seasons with the team, to save some cap space. After a few weeks on the market, he finally signed with Buffalo.

It was important enough for Wright to attend the voluntary workout with his new team that he was willing to take an Uber 542.9 miles for $632.08. That's remarkable dedication.

Wright gave his driver a five-star rating, so it must have been a pleasant trip — even though it was a long one.