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The Lakers aren't allowing LaVar Ball at Lonzo's workout, which isn’t a suprise

Lonzo Ball will have to take care of business without his dad.

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LaVar Ball won’t be at Lonzo Ball’s pre-draft workout with the Los Angeles Lakers Wednesday.

The Lakers started their wining-and-dining process with Ball on Tuesday night with a dinner. But before they sat down, Luke Walton was brought on The Jim Rome Show to discuss the Lakers’ rebuild and a possible future with Lonzo as their point guard.

Inevitably, LaVar Ball became a talking point. During the interview, Rome asked if LaVar would be welcome to the team’s private workout for Lonzo. Lavar was more than welcome to join the crew in dinner, Walton said. But the workout? That’s a different story.

I think the workout is something that we’ll keep closed doors on, but the dinner, I think he would definitely make the dinner more entertaining. He’s definitely welcome to join us for that one.

Walton added that LaVar wouldn’t have any bearing on what the Lakers do with the second overall pick. You can listen to the rest of the interview here.

Walton knows the deal. Lest we forget, Bill Walton, Luke’s father, is outspoken himself. If anyone has a good understanding of the situation, it’s Luke.

Does any of this really matter?

The answer is basically no. The only reason why we’re talking about it at all is because of how outspoken LaVar has been so far. But this is a private workout between Ball and the Lakers’ staff. It’s that way for a reason.

The Lakers are not giving the Ball family any special treatment one way or another. LaVar being barred from attending the workout isn’t some dig at him or some grandiose drawing of a line that some people feel needs to be drawn.

This is the Lakers, hosting a pre-draft workout with one of the top prospects on their board. If this was, say, Malik Monk or Markelle Fultz, the Lakers would treat things the same way. They wouldn’t be able to bring their parents into a private workout either.

This is work for Lonzo. This may be the only workout he has with any team. He has to make his mark, and his father won’t have any bearing on that.

And that’s exactly how it should be.