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Kyrie Irving put the entire Warriors’ roster on skates

How did he even do this?

If there was a basketball play to describe what it’s like to have the world going against you as you evade all the issues it has to offer, this is it by Kyrie Irving.

With just seconds remaining in the first half of Game 3, Irving took the inbound pass, and, well, he did this:

Let’s look at this beauty from another angle, this one showing just how perfectly the shot was floated over the outstretched arm of James Michael McAdoo.

Seriously though. He avoided the Warrior defenders like they were chores, homework, or any other responsibilities you could possibly have. There are just not many players in the NBA who could make that play. And the Cavaliers needed it, cutting the Warriors’ lead to 67-61.

Irving finished the half with 17 points on 7-of-13 shooting — this was by far his best basket of the first half.

Kyrie against the world.