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Kevin Durant showed exactly why the Warriors needed him in the NBA’s Best Playoff Moment

KD came up big in the final minutes of Game 3, which is why the NBA rewarded him.

The final minutes of Game 3 between the Cavaliers and Warriors was the perfect example of why the Warriors got Kevin Durant. It’s also the moment that cemented Durant’s status as the Best NBA Playoff moment.

Down 113-111, Durant brought the basketball down the floor, and pulled the trigger on a triple that he knew was going down from the moment it left his hand.

On the next possession, the Warriors got a defensive stop, and after bringing the ball up the floor, the Cavs were forced to foul Durant, who extended the lead to 116-113.

The following possession, the Warriors forced a turnover, and were able to close out the game despite the Cavs holding a seven-point lead in the fourth. Durant finished the game with 31 points, eight rebounds, and four assists.

The Warriors were already one of the biggest headaches in the NBA, but Durant has made them just about impossible to beat.

It was yet another example of just why the Warriors got Durant. Every time the Cavs would answer the Warriors, Durant was there to punch back. It was too much for the Cavs to handle, and it’s why the Warriors won the title two games later.