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Draymond Green was bobbing his head to 'Draymond sucks' chants

He was urging them to get louder.

Draymond Green was involved in what was one of the weirdest things we’ve ever seen in an NBA Finals. Everyone thought he was ejected, but then he wasn’t.

When he made his way to the bench for some rest, Cavaliers fans were chanting “Draymond sucks!” Green bobbed his head, pumping up the Cleveland crowd, urging them to get louder.

The best part is when Green is sipping on his water, minding his own business like Kermit the Frog.

His mom didn’t appreciate the officiating on Friday night, either.

Draymond has gotten into some trouble against the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. Last season, he was suspended a game after hitting LeBron James in the groin. So Cleveland fans already had a dislike for him, but that flared up when it appeared he got away with being ejected.