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Welcome to NFL hype week

NFL fans need something to get excited about in July. We are here to help.

NFL: Oakland Raiders-OTA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Good day, fellow football enthusiasts. I am here to share something with you: excitement. You can’t see it because I am expressing these feelings with the written word, a dying form of communication as the world turns to 90-second videos that you’ll only watch 20 seconds of before clicking on something else.

But if I can have your attention for just a little bit here I’d like you, dear media consumer, to join me in getting excited about a very select group players who will make the 2017 NFL season worth watching.

It’s hype week.

What exactly is this loosely conceived theme that obviously escaped the attention of the company’s burgeoning ranks of senior management? All this week, our network of 32 team sites and the NFL staff here at SB Nation dot com will feature a series of about an amazing collection of players who are going to dazzle us this year on and off the field.

You can find all of these posts collected here. Keep checking back, because we’ll be adding more as the week continues.