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Marshawn Lynch could be the best version of Beast Mode thanks to Oakland

Being at home is all the motivation Lynch is going to need to succeed.

NFL: Oakland Raiders-Minicamp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Marshawn Lynch’s tenure in Seattle was one that every NFL fan could enjoy, even if they weren’t a fan of the Seahawks. He played as if his life was on the line, and he had to make it to the end zone every time he got the ball. The kicker was that he had fun while doing it, and he wasn’t going to change for anybody.

But now he’s in the Bay Area — which is already riding high. The Golden State Warriors just won their second NBA title in three years and won’t be stopped anytime soon. Despite the Raiders’ inevitable departure, Oakland has its native son trying to help it win one last Super Bowl before leaving.

There’s no question that Lynch is going to do everything in his power to make that happen. He’s also going to have a damn good time while trying, just as he did in Seattle. Whether it was stuffing his face with Skittles, grabbing his crotch, or just keeping it real.

The only difference this time around is he’s got an entire city on his back.

Oakland will provide another level of comfort

Lynch was already going to be himself — that’s how he’s programmed. But he’s found more inspiration being back in Oakland.

NFL fans will get the expected crotch grabs, repeated answers at press conferences, and consumption of Skittles. But the stakes have been raised.

His first press conference with the team proved that. The awkward yet comfortable way he was standing at the podium was an indicator that he really does not give a damn what anybody thinks. This is his element, and he’s going to bask in it.

Once in his comfort zone, Lynch let his sweet prose fly.

“Every home game that I get to come to this motherfucker, I'm probably going to be riding with this whole town,” Lynch said with a confidence you could only have at home. “This is actually born and raised and bred pissing in them hallways and running down them alleyways. I really did that, right here and now I get an opportunity to play here.”

That’s more than what Lynch offers at a normal presser. If he’s going to speak at that length each week, NFL fans will have plenty to enjoy all season. It’s possible that we’ll learn even more about him because of it — and that’s a reason to be excited. Because we already love what’s been shown to us.

That bruising running style is back with more motivation

Lynch is the first player in NFL history to have a play he made named after a natural disaster — and he’s done it twice.

There was the original BeastQuake, where Lynch went on a run that you’d call B.S. if you ever saw it in a movie. It was that good.

He did it again four years later in 2015 with BeastQuake 2.0 — shoving one of the best cornerbacks in the game in Patrick Peterson, and throwing Rashad Johnson to the sideline on his way to the end zone.

The crotch grab at the end of both runs is the perfect touch. Not because it’s disrespectful and an indicator of how he just destroyed the opposition’s morale. It’s because there’s no other player in the league who would do it.

It would be unrealistic to ask Lynch to have a third BeastQuake. The first one was enough of a gift, and NFL fans were blessed with a second one that nobody saw coming.

But Lynch will be playing after having a year off to recover. He’s also got a new motivation by playing in his hometown. It would be irresponsible to just assume he couldn’t do it again, because he’ll be running with more purpose than ever.

The off-the-field opportunities are endless

His on-the-field talents are a solid base to being a fan favorite, but his personality off it keeps fans coming back for more. He’s gotten Skittles endorsements because of his love for the candy. A love so well-known that it’s been thrown at him on the field after some of his punishing touchdown runs.

He could really sell anything. During his rookie season in Buffalo, he made going to Applebee’s and balling out at Dave and Buster’s look like the two best things in the world with Kenny Mayne.

Lynch being in Oakland could bring even more of those opportunities. The rap scene in the Bay Area is a strong one that many hold close to their hearts. Draymond Green recreated E-40’s “Tell Me When To Go” music video for a Beats by Dre commercial in 2016.

Something similar would be even better if Lynch were to do it, and he’s already got some experience making music videos.

He starred in Train’s video for “Drink Up” with Ken Jeong, George Lopez, and Jim Breuer. I don’t think guys like E-40 or Too $hort would say no to Lynch — they’ll probably be on the sidelines on Sundays. That could also make for some fun celebration possibilities, even if he will get fined.

Movie sequels are usually trash. Marshawn Lynch’s career was one of those multi-Oscar winning films. It was great, fans loved it while it was going on, and while it was sad to see it end, it wasn’t all too surprising.

Now he’s back and playing in his hometown of Oakland, with the Raiders as AFC contenders. He and the Raiders will be hoping he can be sent off with one last injury-cart joyride.

That would be a sequel fans would watch and enjoy.