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Tony Romo insists he’s retired for good

We’ll see.

Dean & DeLuca Invitational - Round Three Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Tony Romo can’t avoid the question of whether or not we’ll ever see him on the playing field again — yet he insists any future playcalling will be coming from the broadcast booth only.

Romo appeared on NFL Total Access Wednesday where he jokingly said he would give it one last chance. “Oh yeah, probably a good chance. We'll see how it plays out. I think you'll find — I'm joking,” Romo said while laughing. “Like I said before, I'm done.”

Romo lost his job last season after suffering a broken bone in his back during the preseason. Dak Prescott came in, and led the Cowboys to a 12-4 record as one of the NFL’s most exciting teams last season.

Yet after his retirement, Romo was able to pull a Dak and stepped in to immediately replace Phil Simms in the broadcast booth at CBS. Sure, it’s not how Romo envisioned his career ending, but he sounds like he’s opened up to it and is ready for the opportunity.

“I'm pretty happy and excited about the opportunity that was presented to me,” Romo said. “I got coach [CBS play-by-play man] Jim Nantz teaching me all the tricks of the trade that I’m going to be behind on, but I'm improving fast. I’m excited about it. It gives me a chance to compete, get better and improve. I get to be passionate about the game, hopefully teach a little bit, hopefully make it a little bit entertaining along the way. It's going to be fun.”

Romo was one of the most criticized quarterbacks during his career. That’s likely going to carry over into the broadcast booth.

Even though Romo claims he’s done, there’s no telling what goes on in his mind. If he’s half as indecisive as Brett Favre was, this isn’t over.