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Keith Hernandez talked to a young fan about braces and may have scarred her for life

That poor, poor child.

League Championship - Chicago Cubs v New York Mets - Game One Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Little kids being around baseball personalities is usually so much fun. They’re young, adorable, and are genuinely excited about hanging out at the field, in a booth, or wherever they may be getting special access to players or team employees.

Then there’s kids around Keith Hernandez, which is an entirely different situation.

Hernandez, who is known for his antics (“antics”), got to talking with a cute little girl who was visiting the SNY booth during Wednesday’s Mets game. The conversation started out normally enough, with both guys in the booth asking her how long she will have braces and where she’s from. Normal small talk for a little kid.

But then things went off. the. rails.

Hernandez told a story about when he had braces on as a child and he got hit in the face with a basketball, mashing his lips in with the braces. But of course Hernandez told it with all the horrific, not-age-appropriate details.

Just look at that innocent child’s face. She’ll never recover from that tale, especially not while she still has her braces.