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Trent Williams is a vegan now and convinced other Washington linemen to change their diet too

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Trent Williams is concerned about being able to keep up his weight, but will stick to his vegan diet into training camp.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

It takes a lot of food for an NFL offensive lineman to stay over 300 pounds, but Trent Williams isn’t convinced that has to include meat and animal products. After watching a documentary, the five-time Pro Bowler decided to go vegan and he’s convinced some other Washington offensive lineman to join him.

Williams, 29, told Master Tesfatsion of the Washington Post that Netflix’s “What The Health” gave him a better understanding of the link between diet and disease. The documentary also convinced guard Arie Kouandjio to go vegan and tackle Isaiah Williams to commit to a pescatarian diet.

“I’m bettering my life,” Williams said. “I ain’t [expletive] with that animal product no more.”

They aren’t the first vegan players in the NFL — Colin Kaepernick is one and the diet has been used as a dumb excuse for not signing the quarterback — but keeping up weight may be difficult for an offensive lineman.

Washington tight end Jordan Reed turned vegan earlier in the offseason, but told Williams he gave it up because he was losing too much weight. Williams told Tesfatsion he has similar concerns, but plans to keep his vegan diet into training camp and assess his choice and weight after the first few days of practice.

At an offensive linemen camp organized and paid for by Williams, he also showed his teammates the value of yoga.

The Washington offensive line was among the NFL’s best in 2016 and was anchored by Williams, who has been to the Pro Bowl in five consecutive seasons. If his offseason choices can actually improve his play, Kirk Cousins could be in for comfortable 2017.