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Cowboys rookie Jourdan Lewis found not guilty in domestic assault case

A jury of six ruled Lewis didn’t assault his girlfriend in March.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys-OTA Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

A jury found Dallas Cowboys rookie Jourdan Lewis not guilty of domestic assault in Ann Arbor on Tuesday, according to Mike Persak of Michigan Daily. Lewis was accused of assaulting his girlfriend in March.

Per, Lewis told police that he was asleep on March 15 when his girlfriend at the time came home around 1 a.m. and woke him up. He said she yelled at him, asking “Do you pay the bills?” The couple had allegedly fought about money issues before.

Lewis then allegedly took the pillow he was sleeping on and hit her with it. “The pillow I was on, I hit her with it,” he said. He also added that he had thrown the pillow at her.

“I didn't hit her. I just hit her with a pillow,” he added. “My whole goal was to get out of the house.”

According to the police report, she suffered a scratch on her nose and hand. She also said that Lewis had pushed her to the ground by her throat, and stepped on her at one point.

The report also detailed how law enforcement had previously been called to the residence for a “domestic incident” in 2015.

Both officers who testified in the case said that the apartment was not in disarray, and that the woman did not request medical treatment. She testified in court, saying that Lewis hit her hard enough to qualify as assault, per

Officer Mark Pulford testified that “Nothing stood out that an altercation had occurred,” and a jury of six decided in favor of Lewis.