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The Solid Verbal: The entire history of The Solid Verbal (so far)

Our exhaustive history. Warts and all.

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As we enter our 10th college football season together hosting and producing the show, we decided to take a trip down memory lane to outline and explain the history of The Solid Verbal. Among many others, we broach the following subjects and attempt to answer the following questions:

• How did we meet? When did we actually meet?

• Since it was such a new medium when we were starting out, did we actually know how to podcast? Regardless of the quality of our broadcasting, why does the show *sound* so good?

• Have we had opportunities to further grow the show on new or different platforms?

• What is our process like for planning and coming up with shows?

• How have the important people in our lives reacted to this ... uniquely long term relationship?

• How did we get so many coaches to appear on the show?

• Who helped us early on by appearing on the show?

... and much more!