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An ongoing list of every NBA sponsor patch for 2017-18 season

You can find your favorite team’s sponsor patch here

Whether we like it or not, the NBA is set to have advertisement patches on the left shoulder of their jerseys next season.

The league and Nike unveiled their new jersey model last week without including any ads on their examples. About a third of the league, as of July 26, had selected a sponsor for their ad patch. The rest of the league will soon follow.

Although some fans are a bit irked by the inclusion of ads on their favorite team’s jerseys, this will serve as a revenue stream for the league going forward which could ultimately be a good thing for their favorite team if it increases the salary cap.

What we know so far

Just a bit over a year ago, the league’s board of governors approved a pilot program that would include jersey ad patches for the 2017-18 season after years of rumors and speculation.

At the time, NBA commissioner Adam Silver said he hoped the process would generate about $100 million to the league’s revenue stream over the course of the season. Whatever revenues the league gains from the program are tacked into its basketball related income system — meaning it will be split with the players.

The league’s teams all began searching for partners to include on their jerseys. To this point, 10 teams have partners.

But I don’t like the idea of ads on my favorite team’s jersey

Don’t fret! The ads will be mostly inconsequential. The space companies are permitted to use is only 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches, meaning it’s a small space on the left side of your favorite jersey.

Plus, if you’re into buying jerseys, the ad won’t appear on team products for now. And some teams are even opting to use team-color friendly logos from the companies they’re advertising.

The program is only a pilot — meaning if the NBA doesn’t see the type of success they want to from it, the ads will go away. However, the most likely outcome here is they will. They’re generating more revenue for the league from this.

If it’s successful, we could see more ad space taken up on jerseys in the future. But that isn’t something we should be concerned about now.

The patch tracker

76ers and Stubhub

Cleveland Cavaliers and Goodyear

Brooklyn Nets and Infor

Boston Celtics and GE

Orlando Magic and Disney

Utah Jazz and 5 for the Fight

Toronto Raptors and Sun Life

Milwaukee Bucks and Harley Davidson

Minnesota Timberwolves and Fitbit

Sacramento Kings and Blue Diamond Almonds

Detroit Pistons and Flagstar Bank

Denver Nuggets and Western Union Bank

Golden State Warriors and Rakuten, an electronics company

New Orleans Pelicans and Zatarains

Charlotte Hornets and Lending Tree

Atlanta Hawks and ShareCare

New York Knicks and SquareSpace

Los Angeles Lakers and Wish

Miami Heat and Ultimate Software

Los Angeles Clippers and Bumble

We’ll continue to update the tracker with images and teams as more information comes.