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Phil Simms holding a boombox is every dad trying to be cool

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Know your place, Simms.

The NFL on CBS crew came across a dance crew in Times Square, and it was just how you’d expect it to be — awkward.

There was some remarkably smooth breakdancing by the dance crew, who challenged the broadcasters to a dance off. Nate Burleson even showed off some slight skills.

And then there was Phil Simms.

You can’t find another GIF of somebody looking like your dad embarrassing you into an early grave more than this one:

It’s just the latest in good Phil Simms moments, like when he accidentally pulled the teabag out of his mug on Inside the NFL.

That’s what he gets for double-dipping.

Simms should have more time to work on his rhythm and dance moves, since Tony Romo took his job during the offseason.