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Jaguars asked fans to GIF their training camp excitement and it was a disaster

This probably did not go the way the team expected.

Fans are usually eager for the start of training camp. It gives a glimpse of what they can expect from their favorite team this season and it means the long wait for football is nearly over. Jaguars fans, however, are having a harder time being enthusiastic about the team right now.

The team has won just 11 games over the past three seasons despite being praised for their solid efforts in the draft and free agency. Last preseason, plenty of people believed the Jaguars were in for a turnaround. They won three games.

The Jaguars tried to get fans excited about training camp on Twitter.

Jaguars fans responded honestly. They don’t seem terribly excited.

It may have something to do with the Jaguars being crowned offseason champions seemingly every year, and season after season of futility surely doesn’t help. Jaguars fans are just not having any of it right now.

Jacksonville fired Gus Bradley before the end of a disappointing 2016 season, and now new head coach Doug Marrone and executive vice president for football operations Tom Coughlin are tasked with turning things around. It’s a tall order.

Here’s hoping training camp exceeds your apparently low expectations, Jags fans.