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Yu Darvish would like to thank the writer who pointed out he was tipping pitches

Darvish was tipping pitches, not Jeff Passan. Try to keep up.

MLB: Miami Marlins at Texas Rangers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

In what might be the last start for Yu Darvish in a Rangers uniform, the right-hander gave up 10 runs against the Miami Marlins. I’m not sure if that affected his trade value, but it couldn’t have helped. It was the worst start of his career, and it wasn’t especially close.

But there was a good reason.

Makes sense. Earlier this year, an alert reader emailed me after watching a GIF I’d made of a Giants reliever. He was tipping his pitches in a very obvious way, and once you saw it, you couldn’t unsee it. I got word to the team, and the tipping stopped. Tipping happens, and all you can do is hope that someone catches it before the other team.

Darvish wasn’t lucky enough to avoid the Marlins disaster, but it sure seems like he’s appreciative of the catch from Passan.

This is baseball in the year 2017. Just know that when the Dodgers or Astros or Yankees beat your team in the postseason with a completely fixed Darvish, that it’s all Jeff Passan’s fault. It’s almost a sweet story. But Darvish is probably coming for you and the team you love. Be afraid.