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Marshawn Lynch even makes exhibition soccer games more fun

Lynch isn’t a stickler for the rules of the game, but that makes him more entertaining to watch.

Marshawn Lynch plays soccer the same way that he does everything else — his way. And it looked like he had a wonderful time just being himself on the field for the Zakuani & Friends Charity Game on Sunday.

Lynch was introduced by the announcers and went into the game, but was he wearing cleats? No. He was wearing slides.

But the announcers knew Lynch’s footwear didn’t matter.

“Someone’s getting run over,” one announcer says, laughing.

Retired MLS and USMNT forward Eddie Johnson had the ball and was weaving through defenders. Then Lynch took over. It’s extremely against the rules of soccer to touch the ball with your hands, but that didn’t slow Lynch down. He picked up the ball and ran it right into the goal.

Even though it was an exhibition game for charity, Lynch got a red card for his touchdown — I mean, goal. He didn’t mind. He took the red card, tossed it away, kicked the ball as far as he could, and even lost a shoe in the process.

The red card meant that Lynch had to exit the game, robbing us of more fun Lynch highlights. But now we know that Lynch is just as fun to watch on the pitch as he is everywhere else.

Never change, Marshawn.