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Beyoncé is interested in ownership with the Rockets, per report

Queen Bey is mulling ownership for her hometown team.

2016 NBA Finals - Game Six Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Carters might get back into the business of sports ownership soon. Beyoncé is considering buying some portion of the Rockets with the team officially on sale, according to a report from Bloomberg.

It’s unclear, to this point, what portion of the team Beyoncé is interested in owning or if she is planning on working with an ownership group to purchase the team from Les Alexander.

Beyoncé is from Houston and has performed in a Rockets jersey before. The music icon’s net worth is $350 million, according to Forbes, but any team with her name behind it is sure to expand its audience just by affiliation.

Alexander announced the Rockets were for sale a few weeks ago. Forbes valued the team at $1.65 billion in 2017 with valuations continuing to rise league-wide.

Her husband, JAY-Z, previously had a minority ownership stake in the Brooklyn Nets before selling it to Jason Kidd in 2013.

Why Beyoncé makes sense for Houston

Well, first thing’s first: She’s Beyoncé. Wherever her name goes, her fans are sure to follow — and she has millions on millions globally.

But she’s not just a name. Beyoncé is an astute business woman who owns her own entertainment company, is a spokeswoman for multiple brands, and has her own fashion line. She knows what she’s doing and won’t just attach her name to anything. She’ll help the Rockets succeed as a business and get people in seats.

Beyoncé would be joining Justin Timberlake, Will Smith, Serena Williams, Jennifer Lopez and many others as celebrities who own some sort of stake in a franchise, but she’d easily be the most notable owner in any sports league around the globe — minority or majority.

She’s been spotted on multiple occasions at different sporting events including NBA games. She’ll have a presence with the organization because of her fandom and because of her local roots. It could also give her a lane to do even more in the community along with the team.

It would be a win for the Rockets and the NBA all the way around if she does choose to own some portion of the team.

Why this might not happen

As great as this would be, there is still the caveat of JAY-Z as the owner of Roc Nation, which has a sports agency branch. And even though JAY-Z and Beyoncé aren’t the same person, they are married. That could cause a conflict of interest if she ever did own a piece of the Rockets.

That conflict of interest was the main reason JAY-Z sold his stake in the Nets. Once Roc Nation branched off into sports, it created a loophole for the Nets to get to future free agents without technically tampering. We could hear some of those same concerns here.

There may be a workaround we’re not seeing at this point, and, again, they’re two different people. But if Beyoncé does make an attempt at ownership, this will probably come up.