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Timberwolves fans are either loving or hating their new jerseys

This is maybe the most drastic jersey reboots we’ve seen so far this summer.

The Minnesota Timberwolves have unveiled new home and road jerseys that are drastically different from their previous iterations, part of their “New Era, New Look” theme that has also presented the Timberwolves with a new, circular logo.

Here’s the new uniforms.

The NBA’s official jersey provider has switched from Adidas to Nike this year, and the Timberwolves change is related to that. While most of the jerseys remain similar to last season, Minnesota is one of several teams that will have a dramatically different look. We actually knew about the Timberwolves’ new digs for a few days now after they leaked — first in a NBA 2K18 screenshot, and then in this Andrew Wiggins Instagram post.

A post shared by Andrew Wiggins (@22wiggins) on

Here’s a cleaner look at the new jerseys.

Accompanying the launch was a message from Jimmy Butler, who has braids now!

So ... do we like them?

Not everyone on Twitter does.

(Note that the above leaked jersey isn’t confirmed yet as an alternate.)

But on the other hand, there are a lot of fans!

(As of publish, that poll is 56 percent “Yaaassss” from Timberwolves fans, which is pretty solid.)

I personally think they look more like a soccer uniform than a basketball jersey. The team definitely needed a change, and I do like the white and navy versions. However, we’ll see about the other ones — especially that awful green alternate, if it ends up being real. Maybe it’ll look better in real life, but I’m not optimistic so far.